Watch Andy explain why abortion supporters ran for police


You should be encouraged by this...

In this video (click on the image above), I explain what happened in a meeting in Parliament that caused abortion supporters to go running for the police.

The meeting was organised by Abortion Rights and sponsored by the Shadow Minister for Women, Cat Smith MP.

The Labour MP described herself as a "pro-choice Christian"; assuring the room the two conflicting positions were compatible.

Watch the video to see our response to the meeting. (No pro-lifers were arrested in the making of this video).

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The Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform UK and the Abort67 project are working to expose this enormous human rights abuse. We can end it but only if we can allow people to see it for what it really is.

We would love to step up the exposure with your help on our weekly displays or helping us arrange presentations for your friends or church so they too can think about how they can get involved.

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