BBC reports on the 'Rise in anti-abortion protests'; and pro-choice to pro-life convert


It has been a fruitful couple of weeks in the battle to Make Abortion Unthinkable. In London, we have continued to have weekly public education displays in Lewisham and Southwark, gaining further media attention, changed minds and support.

BBC Report

The BBC broadcast a report about new research conducted by BPAS’ supporters on how anti-abortion presence outside clinics negatively affects women. Quite ironic, as it is the abortion itself that hurts women. Clearly more BPAS propaganda to further their buffer zone campaign to move us away from their clinics. The BBC explained that our images, exposing the reality of abortion, were “too graphic” for them to show, even on the ten o’clock news. The fact that they blurred out our signs makes our case that abortion is far more horrific than the abortion lobby has led people to believe. The BBC also falsely claimed we are funded from America. It was great to have this coverage and there were a couple of golden nuggets in there for the viewer to ponder, such as this comment from a passerby upon seeing our display:

“Well it’s quite sad to be honest; when you actually do look at it, it’s like a proper child. So, yeah, no it would make me think twice.”

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Read BBC written article here

Pro-choice to pro-life convert

As someone who comes from a sales background, when speaking to the general public it can be tempting to want to see each individual we speak to come to a 180-degree turn from ‘pro-choice’ to ‘pro-life’ in that initial discussion. To ‘close the sale’ then and there so to speak. As we know all the logic and arguments to every scenario they may come up with. However, decades of pro-abortion propaganda of dehumanising the pre-born child and framing this debate as a ‘women’s healthcare issue’, mean it can often take longer in individuals minds to accept the truth and allow their position to change. So it was very encouraging to receive the following email from a former ‘pro-choice’ gentleman we spoke to in Southwark last week who left us saying we had definitely given him a lot to think about:

I must admit that I found our chat very thought provoking and the more I do think about it the more I realise you have a very good point - please consider me a convert!
I have tried to watch the video - I am not normally squeamish but I just couldn’t watch it all - mainly because of the tears in my eyes.
Yes, it upset me, but I’m glad I saw what I did. That sort of video needs to be graphic so people can really appreciate what an abortion means.
I for one will confess that I never realised the foetus would be so far developed and recognisable as a human being.
Yours is a worthwhile campaign, one which I shall now support wholeheartedly.

Please help us reach more people with the reality of abortion, so we can continue to change public opinion to make it a part of history that we will look back on with deep sadness that we ever allowed it to flourish. Because only when the people stop tolerating abortion, will there be a call for change.

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