Life Network shows Abort67 leaflet


Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat with one of Abort67's leaflets

Life Network shows abortion victim photographs to Maltese Prime Minister.

We are still seeing wonderful progress following Aisling's visit to Malta.  Above you can see the Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat taking a good look at one of our leaflets "What do you think about Abortion?", handed to him by a Life Network volunteer at Fresher's Week at the University of Malta. You can click on the photo to read the full story and see the video.

Although Malta is the only country in the EU which prohibits abortion entirely, it is vital that the people of Malta are made aware of the very real horror and injustice of abortion so that it does not gain entry as it has in Ireland, we must be on the offensive in Malta while we have the opportunity.

Andy took the team up to Chester last weekend following an invitation to speak at the home of Tim and Ruth Boulton.  They were met with extreme generosity and kindness, huge thanks to Tim and Ruth!  We were greatly encouraged by the response from the people who attended the presentation given by Andy and the training given by Aisling.

We now have an official team who will be holding regular displays in Chester, headed by Tim and Ruth.  The power of these presentations is undeniable, once people see the horror of abortion and understand the reasoning behind our methods, they are empowered and activated into doing something themselves.  However, as always, in order for this work to have full impact we need funds, a team needs equipping with necessary tools:

Security camera-  £250
Banners each - £50
Warning boards - £40
Leaflets/1,000 - £30

This work is so vital in educating the public regarding the truth about abortion, and we see it having such a positive effect on people's thinking on the issue, that I do not hesitate in asking you to dig deep and help support us financially in setting up this new team and others like it!  

Our aim is to have teams all over the country, could you host a presentation and training session with the view of setting up a team in your area?  We would love to hear from you. Contact

All Party Parliamentary Pro Life Group (APPPLG)
We have been asked to aid the APPPLG in their new project in the lead up to the next General Election in May. It will not take up much of your time but will help them and us a great deal. We need the response from your MP to plan the strategy for our new campaign (due to start in spring 2015). Please support our new project by sending an email to APPPLG and be a part of our spring campaign by simply responding to their request below:
“The All Party Parliamentary Pro Life Group urgently needs a small number of Ambassadors in each constituency in the country. Their role will be to support the work of the APPPLG by contacting their local MPs and parliamentary candidates, which is much more effectively achieved by constituents than London-based pressure groups. The short-term aim of the Ambassadors will be to extract information from MPs and parliamentary candidates so that we can compile an exhaustive list of the pro-life credentials of every candidate, which will be published in the public domain on a dedicated website. This will be absolutely essential to the strategy of the All Party Group in years to come and will help to make abortion, embryo destructive research and euthanasia media issues ahead of next May’s General Election. The long term aim will be to ensure that coordinated pressure can be brought to bear on MPs around the country via their constituents, upon whose votes they rely.
Ambassadors will not be asked to give much of their time. Responsibilities will include sending email messages to their MPs which have been drafted by the All Party Group. If the Ambassador in question is active in their local pro-life environment, they may also desire to pass on important briefings to activists that they know.

If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador, please respond to this email address stating your:

1.    Name
2.    Constituency
3.    A brief history of your pro-life activity (if applicable)"

Once this is up and running we will advise you on how to communicate the response from your MP back to us at CBR UK/Abort67.

Clarkson Academy
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Thank you for your support as we continue to end abortion, one mind at a time.

Ivana Forman
Centre For Bio-Ethical Reform UK/Abort67 

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