Good signs that abortion will end


The police earlier this week at our display in London

Another baby is saved from the abortionists this week and other encouraging news.

This week has provided more tangible evidence that abortion will one day be regarded in the same manner as other past injustices.

Just as a handful of men and women helped end the Slave Trade; an even smaller group of committed individuals released King Leopold II's grip on the Congo, so too, will this small but growing network of activists will make abortion unthinkable.

How can I make such a bold statement? Because we see the change happening right now.

Just this week, another baby was saved from the hands of bpas abortionists during our Brighton display.  (See Pauline's report below)

Clear indicators that we are on the right path
Also in London at the Department of Health with our "Insanity of Choice" campaign; highlighting the madness that at one end of the hospital doctors fight to save the life of a baby whilst at the other end, another baby is killed. The only difference? One is wanted, the other unwanted.

Two more staff from the Department of Health expressed their support for our work. Previously all staff had been advised not to converse with us. 

A display outside the DoH earlier this year after a fire alarm went off forcing all the staff to stand in the presence of the reality of abortion.
As is reflective of the situation around the country, our victory in court in 2011 following our arrests under Section 5 of the Public Order Act proved to be vital in protecting our free speech.  The police had received complaints about the abortion victim photographs. When they came over to inform us, the London team leader, Ruth, handed them the decision of the judge. The officer not only left us alone but assured us that should we have any problems, to let them know.

This is crucial because without free speech, social reform becomes impossible. I would like to take this opportunity to again thank Christian Concern and our US affiliate, Gregg Cunningham for helping us achieve this remarkable step for free speech.
Aisling has been in Malta this week training up pro-life students and speaking with pro-life CEO's, doctors and a bishop about how to defend the unborn child. Abortion is illegal in Malta and we want it to stay that way.

Pauline's report from outside Wistons abortion clinic:
"There was a young man outside when we arrived; he took the literature containing abortion pictures and he seemed responsive.  I asked him to speak to his girlfriend and ask her to come out and speak to me.  He said he would show her the literature.  He didn't, they were the last couple to leave the clinic before we left and the girl stopped and talked to me. 

I asked her if she had seen the literature; I was very sad thinking that she had already had the abortion, I showed her the literature, showed her the model of the baby. She told me that she hadn't  seen the literature and that she hadn't had the abortion – yet. I took heart and flipped the page to show the picture of the aborted babies. I asked her what would need to change in order for her to let her little one live. I told her about the help we had been able to give other mothers in the past, called Caroline over to tell her how others had been supported throughout their pregnancies. I asked if she needed that level of support, because we would provide it for her somehow. She said that she didn't.   I asked if I could speak to her and her boyfriend and see what they needed. 

She said she was going to keep the baby.  I asked if I could help, if I could speak to the boyfriend who had moved further up the road. She said yes. I went up to him and asked what was preventing them from allowing their baby to live. I asked how he would feel if I told him that his girlfriend had decided to keep the baby. He said it would be ok with him. I asked if they would like me to go with them and talk things through but they said no, he had to work, she just wanted to get home. 

I asked her to promise me that she would get in touch, and let me know if there was any help she needed, she said that she would.  Pray that these young parents would be steadfast in the protection of their baby against the persistance of the clinic."

These accomplishments are due to the commitment of faithful donors who enable our work to continue. Please partner with us by volunteering or setting up a standing order so we can make more plans to be a pain to the abortion industry.

Coming (very) soon The Clarkson Academy - get equipped to defend life
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Andy Stephenson
Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform UK/Abort67 

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