​Statement From Abort67

Statement from Abort67 in response to false allegations of criminal misconduct made by the abortion industry and republished by the media.

I'm intrigued as to how BPAS can claim a clinic has shut down with no evidence to support their claim; that Diane Abbott MP, when challenged about the validity of the closure claim that motivated her to table an EDM, stated on Woman's Hour:

"It's not for me to say, uh, that it's made up, but if this conversation is drawing attention to the way women trying to get medical help are being harassed in a quite unacceptable way, um, then it's a good thing."

In other words the truth doesn't matter nearly as much as her agenda. How can this go unchallenged?

We demand a Parliamentary enquiry into the claims made by MPs Yvette Cooper, Dianne Abbott and Caroline Lucas.

We believe they are either knowingly deceiving Parliament as well as the general public, or are themselves being deceived by bpas’ propaganda without verifying the facts.

Either way we will not sit back whilst the media parrot these baseless and defamatory statements without providing any evidence of the truth of these claims.

We are asking the media to substantiate the allegations before they republish the claims of illegal activity made by others about our group. Republishing the accusations in the absence of such evidence demonstrates a worrying disregard for journalistic ethics.

We are encouraging MPs and journalists not just to look at the claims of both sides but also the evidence that support them. We repeat our invitation to come and see for themselves.

BPAS claims we are filming women, blocking clinic entrances and guilty of harassment and intimidation. Yet even with their own security cameras they have failed to produce evidence of any kind of actionable misconduct. Why is this? Because it isn’t happening.

Additionally, not a single pro-life group I know of is aware of a non-bpas or non-Marie Stopes clinic that has shut down. I believe I am right in saying that all the groups only go outside of bpas and Marie Stopes centres. We are prepared to be proved wrong on that fact based on the presentation of the evidence.

We are claiming that BPAS are using deception to push for buffer zones just like they use deception when it comes to the information they provide about abortion.

To clarify: we do not

  • Block clinic entrances
  • Film women using abortion services
  • Harass or intimidate


  • The police are watching us at our invitation
  • We have video evidence of our conduct being not only lawful but reasonable
  • The burden of proof lies with the one who makes the claim. (It is difficult for us to prove a negative)
  • There has been absolutely no evidence of the kind of misconduct that has been alleged.
  • Where is the CCTV footage from bpas of our misconduct?
abort67 11-Aug-2015
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