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If you are pregnant and unsure of what to do, get in touch with an organisation like Life (Click on the logo above to go to their website)

At Abort67, we are aware that abortion providers advertise that they will help you explore all the options but women have told us that they felt they were only being offered one option - abortion. Abortion providers are covering up studies on the health risks of abortion and the value of your unborn child.

Being in an unplanned pregnancy can be a very scary thing, but it doesn't need to be lonely or overwhelming. You need time and compassion, not a sales pitch.

Please get in touch with an organisation like Life and they will do their best to help you.




Post Abortion Support is for the mother, the father, the grandparents, the siblings. Even if the abortion is surrounded by secrecy the whole family is affected. A little life has ended, and no matter how we tell ourselves it is for the best, no matter how we hide the truth there are consequences.

From 1967 to 2014 over 8,000,000 abortions have been performed; that is approximately one woman in three, women who are now in their early teens to women in their 70's and 80's. This means that nearly everyone in Britain knows someone affected by abortion, a mother, a father, a family member or a close friend. Eight million parents have experienced the trauma of abortion. Many of these men and women suffer terribly as a result. Frequently the suffering is experienced in silence and isolation.


Post Abortion Support for Everyone (PASE) is a response to the damage in the lives of so many people when one pre-born little human is aborted.

The death of a baby has always been recognised as an especially sorrowful event, and where that death happened before the child had come to term – commonly called a miscarriage – many people acknowledged that it was very helpful to mark the passing of even the littlest human with a ceremony. This was not just a mark of respect for the little one, but also helped the mourning process which is such a necessary part of recovery for the family.

However abortion, such a commonplace event now, gives no importance to this process and denies society the ability to accord the dead baby any respect or dignity. This hinders recovery from what everyone agrees can be an extremely traumatic event, by encouraging denial and a callous disregard for human emotions.

PASE believes that we deserve better.

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