The Illusion of 'Safe, Legal Abortion'

Jean Stephenson-Thursday, August 25, 2016

Once again,  abortion and the safety of women is highlighted in the media by the CQC, following alarming failures discovered during unannounced inspections of Marie Stopes International (MSI) clinics in England.  Of course, we already know that abortion is never safe for the unborn child. Sadly, this is not taken into account when inspecting abortion clinics; the life of the baby the mother is carrying is of no account in this business, and very few babies indeed survive the process intended only to extinguish their lives.  We know of course that some; maybe many women question whether an abortion really kills a developing baby and only go ahead with the abortion having had their concerns assuaged by well-rehearsed assurances that it is 'only a blob of tissue' a 'bunch of cells' a 'potential life'.  We know because we hear this from women all the time.  They also tell us that, had they been made aware of their baby's gestational development and what abortion entails for him or her; just how violent surgical abortions are for example, they would not have gone ahead and would have their child with them today.  These women are angry that this essential information was withheld from them by the abortion providers, who treated the procedure (the killing of their unborn babies) as if it were just like any other medical procedure and not the ending of a life; their child's life.

Bpas have a campaign 'We Trust Women' but the question I have is: 'Can Women Trust Bpas' or MSI or any abortion provider. Not only are they failing to care for the welfare of women who put their trust in them but they are also withholding vital information regarding their baby's gestational development and what the 'procedure' will do to their offspring's tiny body?  Of course, I am focusing on the bigger picture than that exposed by the CQC in their inspection of MSI, but it's good to see that they are addressing some serious issues concerning neglect in the care of vulnerable women who come to them and that immediate action has been taken to address this. 

Below is the link to the initial report from the CQC; the full report of their findings will be published next month.

I have also posted a link to an article in the Telegraph where Ann Furedi of Bpas responds to this 'crisis' (that will bring more business her way) saying:

"Our staff and clinics are doing everything possible to prevent delays in treatment at this time. We are maximising our capacity and working hard so no woman is unable to get an abortion if she needs one. Women need not worry – if you are pregnant and need high-quality abortion care, you will be able to access services."

Interesting that Ann Furedi is campaigning for the deregulation of abortion because she believes that abortion is all about a woman's right to have her child aborted at any stage, through all nine months of pregnancy for any reason without any silly laws getting in the way; but that is really a topic for another blog ...

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