Marching On For Life

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Our CBR UK and Abort67 team recently attended the March for Life in Birmingham. Several hundred Pro-Lifers from all over the country and beyond came together to make a public stand for the right to life of every pre-born human being, and despite occasional, heavy rain showers and a group of pro-abortion protesters who attempted to distract by chanting, shouting and throwing blood-red smoke bombs, the resolve of all attendees was undeterred. Read More...

An honest account of a Pro-Lifer's first March for Life

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Having been a 'pro-lifer' for almost 3 years now (involved in action rather than just attitude), I attended my first March for Life in Birmingham at the weekend. In all honesty I went to 'work' to promote our upcoming training programs to a target market of 'hot-lead' pro-lifers. (Yes my background is sales!) I have wanted to be more united as a pro-life movement, but had felt that we (Abort67) were side-lined in the past by some pro-life groups for being 'too controversial' mainly due to our prime strategy of using so-called 'graphic images' or as I prefer to call them 'abortion-victim images'. Having said that, I have made some great allies from within many of the major groups. So on one hand I was pleased that we were invited to have a stall and share about our work, but on the other hand I was dubious if it would be any more than a party for like-minded people who are against abortion. However, what I experienced at the March for Life, I was deeply encouraged, and above all, humbled. Read More...

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