'Not in Our Name!'

Jean Stephenson-Monday, May 16, 2016

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"Not in our name" is the response of horrified midwives to their union's unilateral decision to back the campaign calling for the complete deregulation of abortion.  This would mean that a woman could 'choose' to have an abortion throughout all nine months of pregnancy for any or no reason.  The thinking behind this is summed up in a statement made by a spokesman for the Royal College of Midwives (RCM).  Their chief executive, Prof Cathy Warwick was unavailable for comment when approached by the Daily Mail.

The RCM spokesman said: ‘If we are to be advocates for women then we must advocate for choice on all aspects of their care.'

The RCM is not for or against abortion. It is for women, and respecting their choices about their bodies. NHS policy is explicit that high-quality maternity services include respecting women’s right to make reproductive choices. The RCM’s stance on decriminalisation of abortion is compatible with this.’

It is truly chilling to see the focus is completely on women's reproductive rights and the baby is completely missing in the statement above.  Midwives go into this honourable profession expecting to care for both women and their babies.  They are trained to bring babies safely into the world, caring for the newborn infants and their mothers, encouraging them in that vital post natal period to bond and to establish breast feeding.  Midwives do not enter this profession expecting to kill their tiny patients before they see the light of day...

The outraged midwives have countered this campaign with their own petition 'Not in Our Name', calling for Prof Warwick to resign.  It has come to light that there is a clear conflict of interest in that Prof Warwick is also chairman for the country's largest abortion provider: British Pregnancy Advisory Service (Bpas). The very same Bpas that set up the campaign to deregulate abortion, the campaign she signed on behalf of the RCM.  It appears that the members she represents, the midwives, were kept completely in  the dark and were certainly not balloted as to whether or not they support a decision to back the Bpas campaign to end all limits on abortion.

Whilst we fully support the call for Prof Warwick to resign, we would also call for a thorough investigation into the attitude of the RCM Union leadership generally to ensure that they truly do represent the high calling of a profession that should care equally for both mothers and their babies.  As noted above, the statement from their spokesperson when approached by the Daily Mail is cause for deep concern and examination of just what is going on in the board room meetings of the RCM Union.

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