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Thomas Attwood-Friday, June 26, 2015

“At Marie Stopes International, we believe that every family should be able to decide whether and when to have children and we are committed to bringing that choice to many millions more women and men around the world.” - Simon Cook: CEO.
“He, more than any other, impressed us with his commitment to bring his expertise and experience to fulfil our mission of children by choice, not chance.”Dr. Timothy Rutter, Chairman of the Board speaking of Simon Cook.

Choice is a frequently occurring word in the language of Marie Stopes. It sounds very noble. What right minded person could deny others the right of choice? Unless of course, that choice harms another …

Choice: Marie Stopes promote themselves as caring for families; for women and their babies, to help them plan their families. In practice, this basically means providing contraception and abortions when contraception fails. In the UK, we are informed by Ann Furedi, CEO of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (Bpas), that most women who seek abortion were using contraception at the time they became pregnant and that abortion is needed as a backup. We can safely assume that in the developing world, the same problem arises. So “choice” in the language of Marie Stopes et al. is being able to choose to have a “safe”, legal abortion.

Marie Stopes (MSI) are also quite happy to provide illegal abortions in countries where the practise is illegal, as is seen in this undercover video recording:

Marie Stopes (MSI) - Happy To Provide Illegal Abortions


Marie Stopes are no strangers to controversy, as the Sunday Times reported, on the opening of MSI clinics in China:

The mission scope of MSI

Marie Stopes are currently actively campaigning to force the legalisation of abortion in other countries, including Malta and Ireland; both of these countries have excellent maternal health care and low maternal mortalities; both countries have a strong pro-life culture.

When it comes to the developing nations, there are many issues that make the invasion of Marie Stopes positively dangerous. One major factor is that many people have to travel, often on foot, for days to reach a health centre or hospital. They do not have the luxury of readily accessible health care such as we are privileged to have in the West. People in developing nations cannot jump in a car and get to a doctor or hospital in 20 minutes if a health crisis arises.

Abortion is never safe. It always kills the mother’s unborn child and there are real risks to both the physical and mental health of the mother. Complications with both medical and surgical abortions are not always apparent until days after an abortion, perhaps when the mother is journeying back home and no emergency hospital is anywhere near for her to go to.

Post abortion grief and depression is generally denied by abortion providers who suggest that if a woman does experience sadness after an abortion, it is a thing that will soon pass and she will quickly return to her normal life. Many women do not ‘get over’ their abortion quickly. Many who experience relief at the time are hit later with overwhelming depression that does not lift. It is likely that it is not only women in the West who grieve over their aborted children. Who will help these grieving mothers “helped” by Marie Stopes to rid themselves of the child who was seen as “not a chosen child” at the time abortion seemed like the best choice?

There is no denying that maternal deaths are higher in the developing world, due to a lack of good maternal health care, such as we take for granted in the West. Marie Stopes and the WHO response to this appears to be to pour large sums of money into these poor countries to reduce the population through the promotion of birth control. When this fails, abortion is MSI answer. This is unacceptable.

When it comes to contraception, many women in the developing world are being given long term hormonal implants. Many women in the West find they develop problems with this type of contraception and have the implant removed. The most serious complications with hormonal implants are:

Danger Signs

Women who experience any of the following symptoms while using the contraceptive implant should call the clinic immediately:

Abdominal pains (severe)

Chest pain or shortness of breath

Headaches (severe)

Eye problems, such as blurred vision

Severe leg or arm pain or numbness

How is a woman who lives many days walk from a well equipped hospital to receive the medical treatment she requires in any of the above emergency situations?

Another major issue with hormonal birth control is that this method, as with the contraceptive pill, does not protect her from STDs. There is another major concern to be noted as this study highlights:

Population-level impact of hormonal contraception on incidence of HIV infection and pregnancy in women in Durban, South Africa.

From: Bulletin of the World Health Organization:

For anyone interested in reading more on the topic of population control, this one looks interesting. Marie Stopes feature in its pages.

By Their Fruits: Eugenics, Population Control, and the ...

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