Humans Are A Plague On Earth Says David Attenborough

Jean Stephenson-Friday, December 02, 2016

David Attenborough would have you think that we have a serious overpopulation problem. Here is his latest article (Click on the picture), published in Telegraph. Overpopulation is a myth!

The table below shows that Europe is heading for a serious implosion of population growth with much of Europe well below 2.1 children per woman, which is the replacement level. This is of real concern as it is leading to a top heavy population of older people and too few people of working age.

Some countries with very low population replacement levels are now doing much to try to encourage families to have more children; this would include countries that have used abortion to control population, such as China, Russia and Japan. Many people are not aware that Japan legalised abortion as early as 1949, over a decade before other industrialised countries.

It is true that fertility rates are higher in some parts of the world, particularly many African countries but it is not for the likes of David Attenborough, the Gates Foundation or anyone else to push fertility control on these countries with our superior, paternalistic attitudes and we certainly do not need the highly privileged David Attenborough obnoxiously describing human beings as "A plague on the earth."


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