Expectant Mums, We Need Your Help

Jean Stephenson-Saturday, December 31, 2016

In the UK, we are fast approaching the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Abortion Act which took away the protection in law of all human beings prior to birth. The most fundamental of all human rights is stated clearly in the United Nation’s‘Universal Declaration of Human Rights’

“Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.”

Yes, there are supposed ‘restrictions’ on when a woman can obtain an abortion but if anyone ever doubted that those restrictions are followed and not ‘got around’ just look at the annual abortion statistics which can be found on the Department of Health’s website. Currently, circa 200,000 abortions are carried out annually in England and Wales. You will see that in 2015, 38% were repeat abortions and it is claimed that 1 in 3 women will have an abortion in their fertile years.

Abortion providers, such as Ann Furedi, claim that abortion is needed as a backup for failed contraception. How can it be that the right to life before birth is dismissed and a woman’s ‘bodily autonomy’ alone is protected. We are all familiar now with the mantra ‘It’s a woman’s right to choose’ and most people have absorbed this thinking without question it would seem from discussions we have with people on the street.

As with past atrocities against our fellow human beings, which ignore the most basic rights, the right to life and liberty, one must first dehumanise the target group; look at the history of slavery, the holocaust, the Rwandan genocide, apartheid past and present in America, Australia, South Africa – the list could go on. The common theme is that to take away the human rights of others, you have first to dehumanise this group of people or at least make a case for your humanity being superior to theirs. This is exactly what has happened to make abortion so ‘acceptable’ to the general populace. Instead of ‘baby’ we call the developing child by his or her developmental stage: an embryo or a fetus. Worse still are terms used by abortionists to assure women considering an abortion that they are not ‘killing a baby’ as they go on to describe the child developing in the mother’s womb as, "Just a blob of tissue, a bunch of cells, uterine contents, products of conception" - ad nauseam.

So, if as pro-lifers we are serious about upholding the human rights of the most vulnerable of all human beings, the child in the womb, our task is to restore truth about their humanity (with their accompanying right to life) to a public that have been duped by the oppositions propaganda for far too long. We will not tolerate another 50 years of killing the unborn child. We will declare the equal right to life and protection of both mother and the child in her womb.

To do this we need to be in the public square showing the truth about the humanity of the unborn child and the reality of aborting - not a blob of tissue or a bunch of cells but someone ‘just like us’ who just happens to be younger but no less human.


There is an equally important role for you expectant mums, especially those who are in the first trimester when most abortions are carried out. This is a time when you are not likely to ‘look pregnant’ and it is too easy for others not to fully appreciate the fact that what is growing in your womb at an incredibly fast pace is a baby, a real human being, who, by 8 weeks from conception is clearly a miniature person who just needs time to mature to the point that he or she can live outside the protective environment of the womb. We would ask that you take every opportunity to share your scan pictures with people, find out about your baby’s stage of development and let others know how he or she is doing, for example when your baby’s heart has begun to beat which was thought to be 21 days from conception but recent studies suggest as early as 16 days; about the time your pregnancy is being confirmed There are so many exciting developments going on with your baby in those early weeks; don’t keep it to yourself, let all who will listen know too. Change the current language from a ‘mum-to-be’ to the fact that you are a mum now, all be it that you have not yet had the chance to hold your child in your arms; I am sure that you stroke your growing abdomen fondly, knowing for sure your child is growing in there and you are his or her mum now as much as you will be when he or she is born.

There are many resources to help you take this wonderful opportunity to get the message out there; that your child (and by implication all children) is/are human from conception, that life is a continuum from that point and birth is no more than a transition, not when their life began.

Please contact me on if you would like to learn more about how you can use this precious time in your own child’s life to save other unborn children’s lives; restoring their true humanity in the public conscience.


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