Bpas Clinic Puts Women’s Health at Risk

Jean Stephenson-Monday, January 04, 2016

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So, is legal abortion just a simple, safe procedure; just another of many life choices for women? We know that abortion is never safe for the baby but how great is the risk to her own health? Is the clinic sited here that failed to follow protocols a ‘one off' ?

bpas like to emphasise that they provide safe, legal abortion for women in a crisis pregnancy situation; they are the champions of ‘A woman’s right to choose’. Their main spokesperson Ann Furedi lambasts all who would counter her claim. A claim that in fact contravenes the Abortion Act that gives no such Carte Blanche right to women. Of course, she is able to speak so confidently because the law makers continue to turn a blind eye to the way abortion laws are flouted and there is presently no will it seems in the corridors of Westminster to deal with this. Ann Furedi has made no secret of the fact that she wants to see abortion deregulated. Below is a statement, one of many she has made that make clear her position. I note that her statement of ‘fact’ regarding gender abortion is in fact a myth. It is still against the law to abort a child in the UK based upon gender preference but heh! That is how bold she can be and not be challenged it appears.

'There is no legal requirement to deny a woman an abortion if she has a sex preference,' she said. Going even further, she argued that any attempt to restrict gender selection would undermine a woman's right to choice.

'We either support a woman's capacity to decide or we don't. You can't be pro-choice except when you don't like the choice,' she trumpeted.

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The article linked to Life News here highlights failings of a Bpas clinic in Twickenham, reporting on the findings of a recent inspection that put women at potential risk.This report did not go further than the local newspaper, seeming to be of little interest to a generally pro-abortion media.

Of great concern too is what I read on the Bpas website regarding the fact that it seems there is no mandatory duty for Bpas providers to inform a woman’s GP without her permission, that she has had an abortion, a procedure that is not without risks, some serious to her health yet this information could be withheld from her GP if she chooses.

How confidential is the service? The website states the following:

"Very – we understand the need for confidentiality and have a legal duty to protect your privacy. We keep information about you safe and secure. It’s usual for healthcare providers to inform GPs that we have treated their patients - we will ask you if it is OK to contact your GP."

It is also very worrying that under: ‘Unexpected or unusual symptoms after an abortion’ on the Bpas website you will see the following statement:

“The first port of call is to ring the aftercare line immediately. This could waste precious time if there is a life threatening complication. The alternative of ‘Or go to A&E or your GP urgently should surely be the first response, not an afterthought. The ‘unusual’ symptoms sited here could indicate a medical emergency where time is of the essence.

Unexpected or unusual symptoms after an abortion

Phone the Aftercare Line on 0300 333 68 28 (or +44 1789 508 210) immediately (or BPAS clinic where you were treated) if you have any of the following:

Lasting pain

Discoloured or smelly vaginal discharge

Abdominal tenderness


A general feeling of being unwell or still feeling pregnant

Alternatively go to A&E or see your GP urgently.”

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