Amnesty Denies Human Rights to the Most Vulnerable Humans

-Friday, June 19, 2015

“The Human Rights Act protects the fundamental rights we all have as human beings, and allows us to challenge authorities if they violate them. You might not have used it, but it's there if you need it. Our new government wants to scrap the Act, and bring an end to universal human rights in the UK.

Don’t let universal freedoms turn into privileges for a chosen few. Call on Justice Secretary Michael Gove to save the Human Rights Act.”

Above is a quote from Amnesty International’s recent campaign.

On Amnesty International’s 30th anniversary, in 1991, the movement decided once again to broaden the scope of its work. It adopted a new mandate, and pledged to promote all rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

"Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person." Article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Amnesty International seems of late to have forgotten that the most basic human right is ‘The right to life’ without which, all other rights are meaningless. It is an undeniable fact that at the time of conception, a new, unique person has come into being. Birth is only one of many landmarks on life’s journey from conception until death. There is nothing magical about birth that makes us living human beings.

So with this in mind, why are Amnesty now determined to campaign to deny the right to life of human beings before birth by demanding that abortion be legalized worldwide? They are presently pouring funds into campaigning to ensure that the women of Ireland can legally have their pre-born babies killed by abortion. This is a travesty. Ireland is the envy of many other nations, recognized by the WHO as having a very low maternal mortality rate and some of the finest maternal health care in the world. Apart from a few women in Ireland, demanding the right to end their babies lives by abortion, the country as a whole is very pro-life and does not demand ‘the right to abortion’. The Irish obstetricians have made it clear: direct abortion is not a medical treatment that will save a mother’s life but they will always give whatever treatment is needed to save the mother’s life if it is in danger, which sadly sometimes means the child is lost indirectly through the treatment to save the mother.

What is behind this push for legalizing abortion in a country that clearly is not demanding it and where women receive first class health care? Perhaps it is part of the bigger agenda known as ‘Population Control’?

Propaganda has always been a useful tool to win over public support and the above picture is a typical example. The picture and the wording are cleverly designed to make anyone who did not agree with the conclusion we are supposed to draw from this, appear heartless.

Note the statements: ‘She is not a criminal’: indeed she is not! Her pregnancy through rape, if she has an abortion she becomes a criminal and could face 14 years in prison. This is manipulative language and it works! Just take a look at Amnesty's Facebook page!

Rather than pushing their abortion agenda, Amnesty should be doing what they started out doing: fighting against human rights abuses where innocent people are being imprisoned unjustly. The way Amnesty are fighting this though is by demanding that countries that reject abortion legalize abortion! It fits their agenda. They could campaign for the punishment of abortion practitioners as they are the ones killing the babies. As we know, most women do not ‘choose abortion’ but feel coerced by others or circumstances and actually need the offer of genuine help not the taking of their child’s life!

Where is the demand to jail the rapist? Where is the call for improved maternal health care in impoverished countries? Where is the campaign for the basic human right: the right to life for all human beings? This was a protection accorded to all, including the pre-born, until that right was removed by the 1967 Abortion Act in the UK. Most other Western nations also saw the legal demise of the right to life sooner or later during the 20th Century.

Please note from the little statement on the bottom left of the picture: MY BODY: MY RIGHTS.

So Amnesty have made it very clear that they have aligned themselves with a powerful activist movement that is in total denial of the truth: when you ‘choose’ abortion it is someone else who pays the price with their body, their life.

Amnesty, where is the justice in that?! To quote you Amnesty: “Don’t let universal freedoms turn into privileges for a chosen few. Call on Justice Secretary Michael Gove to save the Human Rights Act.” Do you not see that you are choosing the ‘rights’ of women and their bodies over the rights of their children’s bodies by aligning yourself with so called ‘abortion Rights’?

If you are a supporter of Amnesty International and find this disturbing, please contact them to let them know.

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