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All the imagery you see on this website was taken lawfully at abortion clinics. The ages were confirmed by medical experts who used to perform abortions. See the signed affidavits HERE for the photographer's letter and HERE for the abortionist's letter.

CBR has taken and will continue to take legal action against pro-abortion defendants who falsely accuse CBR, CBR UK or Abort67 of fraudulently altering pictures of aborted embryos and foetuses. We will present affidavits from our photographers and certifications of authenticity from technical experts who have examined our original negatives, transparencies and videotape. We will also rely on the expert testimony of physicians who have formerly practised abortion medicine. One example of this type of authentication is contained in a letter we recently received from Anthony P. Levatino, M.D., J.D. Dr. Levatino is both a physician and attorney and he says the following:

I, the undersigned, having performed induced abortions earlier in my career, have examined the photos depicting the aborted human embryos and fetuses used by The Center For Bio-Ethical Reform in their public education projects... It is my professional opinion that the photos depict aborted human embryos and fetuses and that the depicted aborted human embryos and fetuses are accurately captioned as to age, in weeks since fertilization. 

Impugning the accuracy of our pictures is the same sort of tactic used by neo-Nazis in response to condemnation of the Holocaust. These deniers simply say death-camp photos are fake. The Holocaust never happened. The pro-abort version of this despicable propaganda is to say aborted baby pictures are 'doctored' or even 'computer generated'. Abortion supporters claim that a real embryo is just a 'blob of tissue'. 'Termination' is not an act of violence. 'Choice' is the lesser of two evils. Not very convincing but how else can genocide apologists rebut photographic evidence of their complicity in crimes against humanity? Their only hope is to change the subject and attack the integrity of their adversaries.

Fortunately, both pro-lifers and Holocaust remembrance activists can readily authenticate their images. Some of our critics, like Liz Davies of Marie Stopes International for example, allege that our photos are actually pictures of stillborn and miscarried foetuses. This ruse does not wash for a moment since neither stillbirth nor miscarriage will tear off a baby's arms and legs, or rip its head and face off or scald its skin with chemical burns. The bodies of the babies in our pictures all display the unmistakable injuries of abortion.

Some Planned Parenthood groups have accused us of mislabeling the ages of late-term unborn babies to misrepresent them as embryos or early foetuses. No accusation is more easily debunked. Every one of our photos includes some common object which acts as a size reference. They only need compare our size references to the textbooks' prenatal development scales. We encourage anyone who wishes to verify the truth to examine the embryology photos in the following academic texts, used in medical schools the world over:

The first source is the authoritative, William's Obstetrics, 20th Edition, Gary Cunningham, MD, Paul C. MacDonald, MD, Norman F. Gant, MD, Kenneth J. Leveno, MD, Larry C. Gilstrap III, MD, Gary D. V. Hankins, MD & Steven L. Clark, MD (Copyright 1997 by Appleton and Lange, A Simon & Schuster Company) beginning at page1026, Table 44-4, "Predicted Menstrual Age (MA) in Weeks From Crown-Rump Length (CRL) Measurements (in Centimeters)"

CBR's physicians also rely on a highly regarded book called The Color Atlas of Clinical Embryology, 2nd Edition, Keith L. Moore, T.V.N. Persaud & Kohei Shiota (Copyright 2000 by W. B. Saunders Company) at page 49, Table 2–1, "Criteria for Estimating Developmental Stages in Human Embryos." This reference contains age to crown/rump length relationships, etc. from 19-21 days post-conception through 56 days (the end of the embryonic period). At page 52, Table 3-1, you will find criteria for establishing age through the fetal period, including age-crown/rump length relationships from 9 weeks through 38.

Dr. Moore has also published a popular text entitled The Developing Human, Clinically Oriented Embryology, Keith L. Moore & T.V.N. Perasud, 6th Edition, (Copyright 1998 by W.B. Saunders) which can be used for aging unborn babies by turning to page 91 (see also, tables on pages 4 through 7).

The Doubters

We don't ask anyone to simply take our word. Those in doubt can use images on this website and hold these textbook illustrations next to the corresponding photos on our signs. When measuring our images, bear in mind that many of the first trimester aborted babies we show have been torn apart by the termination procedure. The shredded pieces of their bodies have only been loosely reassembled for photographic purposes. Abortion stretches, tears and otherwise distorts the soft tissue of these very small unborn babies.

Unbelievably, no amount of evidence will satisfy dogmatic abortion supporters. They wouldn't acknowledge the legitimacy of any abortion photos, even if they took the pictures themselves or of abortions performed in their very presence. But for sincere questioners, those who inquire in good faith, the foregoing sources will quiet every reasonable concern.

We are sometimes asked how and from what sources we have compiled our huge library (perhaps the largest in the world) of aborted baby photos and video. Understandably, the terms of our acquisition agreements prohibit the disclosure of that information. If we must divulge this information pursuant to the lawsuits we are preparing, we will do so “in camera,” which means in a judge’s chambers, off the record, so the information will be sealed and never made public. It doesn't take much analytical ability to guess why. We are prepared, however, to say that we reject civil disobedience on tactical grounds (and violence on moral grounds) so we use only lawful means to acquire imagery.

In conclusion, we need your help in documenting examples of pro-abortion lies concerning CBR “photo fraud.” As you become aware of statements designed to discredit our organisation, carefully note them and please pass the information on to us. When the time is right, we will make an example of those who attack the integrity of pro-lifers they know they cannot beat in an honest debate.

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