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Abort67 is the name given to the public education project that seeks to change how we view abortion.

Through proving the humanity of the unborn child and showing the facts of what abortion does to that unborn child, we hope that society changes its thinking on abortion and consequently its behaviour.

Abortion is a matter of human rights that all should be concerned about. It is not just a "religious" issue. However, many of our supporters and volunteers belong to a number of faith groups. 

Non-Violence Policy

Abort67 condemns ALL violence. Violence that is towards the most vulnerable in our society or towards abortionists who are killing the unborn is completely unacceptable. Abort67 refuses even to work with individuals or groups that do not share this view. Violence does nothing to champion the defence of life and neither does it help to advance the cause. Much damage has been done to the reputation of the pro-life movement by just a handful of people who acted on their own. These rash individuals have gone against the entire peaceful history of the pro-life movement.

It is as inaccurate and false to label pro-life groups as “clinic bombers” as it is to say any one who likes animals is a “laboratory bomber.” Abort67 will take legal action against any individual or organisation who defames either Abort67, CBR or CBR UK in relation to violence.

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Email: info@abort67.co.uk

  Phone: 08448 22 17 67

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