What about rape and incest?

This concern is expressed just as often by people who claim to be pro-life as well as those who are pro-abortion.

To have a more full understanding of this issue you should read the numerous CASES AGAINST ABORTION presented on this website. This will help you understand the reasons why the unborn should be treated as a human being just as valuable as the mother who carries him/her.

Supporters of abortion regularly bring up this hard case. Their intention is to attempt to make those who value life look heartless by forcing these suffering women to carry a child they never wanted. This is what is termed a smokescreen - they defend abortion not just for rape, but for any reason or no reason.

Ok, so how do we answer this? Obviously Rape and incest are one of the most horrific experiences a person could go through and there is no doubt that this is a very emotionally complex subject. This doesn’t mean however that it is morally complex.

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