• Abort67 upholds the value, dignity and rights of all human life which includes the unborn.

    Dare to see the truth?

    We have obtained photos and videos of abortion procedures. The images are disturbing, but we would encourage you to see them as we believe this is the only way people will know what really happens during an abortion.


    How you can help

    We want to see a generation that is bold and fearless to stand up and have a voice for the unborn child. One day we will look back as a nation and ask "How did we allow abortion to continue for so long?”.


    Why we show images

    Ever been told that its “just a bunch of cells?” If that were true, why is it so shocking to show the images? We think you should know the truth. The images are shocking, but they show why abortion must stop.


    A baby's development

    A foetus undergoes an amazing transformation as it develops in the womb. At week 10 the embryo is about 1 inch in length.The nervous system is responsive and many of the internal organs begin to function..


    Facts about abortion

    In 2016, according to Department of Health statistics the total number of abortions on residents of England and Wales was 185,596. This number excludes the 4,810 abortions performed on non-residents in the UK.


    Finding help

    You may be visiting our website because you are overwhelmed by an unwanted pregnancy. Perhaps you do not have support from the baby’s father or the rest of your family. There are always better solutions.


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    Real Life Stories


    I have had an abortion and to this day I regret it everyday. I was forced to do it, but I would never do it again. It was the hardest thing for me. To this day, I still cry because of it.

    Age: 22

    I had an abortion myself at the age of 16. I wish I had seen pictures like this then. My child would probably be alive today.

    Age: 40s

    Unfortunately these pictures are 30 years too late for me, and I'll never know what it's like to have a child. I wish you were present with these pictures in 1976.

    Age: 51



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