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Abortion supporters don't want to talk about the reality of abortion14-May-2016


NBC News shows abortion victim banner12-May-2016

"There's one thing that both anti-abortion and abortion-rights activists agree on. A shift is un..

Watch Andy explain why abortion supporters ran for police12-May-2016

You should be encouraged by this... In this video (click on the image above (http://a..

bpas push for decriminalisation of killing unborn children10-Mar-2016

Click on the image above to read our response to this. In case you thought the ..

BBC reports on the 'Rise in anti-abortion protests'; and pro-choice to pro-life convert11-Nov-2015

It has been a fruitful couple of weeks in the battle to Make Abortion Unthinkable. In L..

Statement from Abort67 in response to false allegations of criminal misconduct made by the abortion 11-Aug-2015

Statement from Abort67 in response to false allegations of criminal misconduct made by the abortion ..

BPAS Claims Pro-Life Protests Shut Abortion Clinic - But which one?21-Jul-2015

It was announced on the British Pregnancy Advisory service (Bpas) website (http://charterforchoi..

Clinic closure claim gets more intersting21-Jul-2015

More evidence for the need of security cameras BPAS denies shutting clinic In an ..

Abort67 Responds to False Allegations30-Jun-2015

The Abort67 project has endured numerous false allegations about the group’s peaceful presence o..

Photo of baby saved from abortion15-Nov-2014

Miracle baby saved as a result of exposing the reality of abortion Above: Photo of t..

Abortionists worried their clinic may need to close17-Oct-2014

bpas are panicking about their work being exposed"Bpas said Abort 67 had “flooded t..

ACTION ALERT: Stop abortion clinic opening at London GP surgery10-Oct-2014

The British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) has plans to open an abortion “clinic” at B..

Life Network shows Abort67 leaflet10-Oct-2014

( Maltese Prime Min..

Good signs that abortion will end14-Jun-2013

The police earlier this week at our display in London Another baby is saved fro..

Abortion is dead!11-Jun-2013

Abortion is dead! You Heard it here first... CBR UK/Abort67 confronts Lab..

Man steels Abort67 Warning Board04-Jun-2013

Man Steels Abort67 Warning Board... Man Steals Abort67 Warning Signs (http://vimeo...

One more step for Abort67 - Changed Minds01-Jan-2013

One More Step For Abort67... Changed Minds ..

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